Project Overview: 
This project required the analysis of an existing product display or public “work station.” 
I redesigned the unit with the goal of creating a design that made an impactful statement visually, heightened the clarity of the message it delivers, and improved the functionality.​​​​​​​

 Part A- Research & Analysis 
Assignment specifications: The overall size should not exceed 4’ wide x 6’ high x 2’ deep overall. Use sketches, photos, measurements and notes to capture observations and interviews about the unit. Observe the way multiple people interact with the unit, noting what attributes are effective and what may need improvement. 

Part B-Concept Development: 
Using findings from Part A, I developed ideas through sketches to redesign the display. 
Something I was keeping in mind while sketching is:
1. The space it takes shouldn't be any different, because it has to fit with other fixtures. According to people who work there, I cannot make it taller too, because it will blocked the view and make the space feels crowded. 
2. The design should be highlighting the brand. Because Sephora Favorites are a part of their brand identity and placed in very important spot in their shops. It should be what people see at a glance from a far distance. 
3. The material and color should be the same to fit with other fixtures. 
4. Solve those problems from Part A, 
- Highlighten the product, because that is what this fixture for.
- Make the mirror functional, because everyone walk into a makeup store care about how they look. Mirror would not only help when they are trying product but also attracting attention. 
- Place tools somewhere reachable, easy for people to try on and people will come to this fixture if other stations are full. 

Part C-Concept Refinement: 
I refined my concept through sketches, developed a rendering of the “final” design, and created a full scale drawing of orthographic views of my design. Then I modified the rendering with final adjustments (form, scale, proportions), added call-outs, and completed with all views. The materials that the actual unit would be fabricated from stay the same as the original one. 
- I make the fixture taller because: people are standing close to the fixture most of the time, and it is better to maximize the space around eye level. However, I made the top transparent so it won't block the view, also when people looking across, they can see the brand. 
- I change the mirror and tools to the right height and highlight products in a white background since eyeliners are mostly black. 
- New products in packages are placed on top of the product so it is easy to grab.
- I also utilized the space for storage for advertisement or graphics. Because ADs are for far distance, the height of them don't matters as much.

Part D-Final Design and Mock up: 
I built a full scale mock up using polypropylene (black parts) and foam core sheets (white parts). 
I plan out all the dimensions on Rhino and plan out every pieces, so I can put everything fast together and not wasting any materials. I only build the part for appearance and structure. The back of it is completely hollow because it would be placed back to another fixture. But it can stand free and standing stably even without the wall. 

Thanks for viewing!
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