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Actionaid - One


”We’re an international organisation, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice.”
- Actionaid

Many of the projects of Actioaid happened oversea, the physical distance made it very hard for people to emphasize with it or relate it to their personal experience.

The distance is also existing in another dimention - time. Since all stories they are telling are not changing much all time, so people don’t feel the need to donate today and now.

User Reserch / User Interface /2018

Xinyi Luo
Qingyi Li  


︎Daily Behavior

- News

We want to make charity a part of our daily routine to shorten the distance.


Short & Focus

- Tinder, Snapchat
People don’t like to making costly (Time & Money) decisions.


Less Money Sensitive

- Instagram likes, Tip
People are sensitive about price but generous while showing appreciation and thankfulness. We want to make the donation process more like showing appreciation.


People like Debating

- Question Time, BBC
People like to prove themselves right by finding more support, especially when there is no right answer.


︎ Sharing One opinion.
︎ Reading One article.
︎ Following the development of One topic on the world.