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︎ Opportunity

    Parents all want to ensure the safety of their children when they are out of sight. Especially for young kids who still lack the skill of self-navigation, parents are often fearful that their kids get lost in the crowds when the family goes out to somewhere crowded. The idea is to design a product that provides parents with location information of their children and helps solve such problem for parenting in this kind of common situations.

    ︎ Product Solution

    The product solution is two-fold – first to develop a GPS tracker for children and second to develop a smartphone connected app, maybe similar as “Find iPhone” app, that can be used as an instant locator of children in any situation. 

    ︎ Challenge

    A variety of these products already exist (pictured right) with varying features such a two-way communication, waterproof, LED screens, etc. We would need to compete an product attribute very particular to what is missing from the market.

    RISD + MIT Product design & develoopment Studio

    User Reserch / User Interface 2018

    ︎ TEAM

    Shai Dekel Engineer Wendel de Oliveira Afonso (with us for the first half of the project*)

    Mechanical Engineer Gabriela Barrera Howard Lewis Lee

    Nicholas Hinckfuss  |  Watch
    Qingyi Li  |  APP UIUX ︎ me


    ︎ What we all did together

    Mission statement
    Market research
    User Research
    Concept generation and selection Assessment of Failure Modes and Risks Initial App ideas: define the function of the App Works like model development Prototype including the interface and 3d model Test proof of concepts
    Test in-house/with users (app) Focus Group evaluation
    Material Selection
    Components selection
    Competitive Benchmarking
    Schedule and strategy 
    ︎ What I did
    Sketching & Wireframing
    Information architecture User test & IterationApp Prototype
    Watch Interface
    UI design

    ︎  What my teammates did Sensitivity analysis
    Potential markets
    Competitive analysis
    General management (meeting, notes)
    Mechanical Engineering (the watch)
    Software Engineering (the app)
    Physical product user test
    3d model of the watch
    Vender selection
    Financial Model
    Bill of Materials
    Patent Review
    Life cycle analysis
    Technology Research
    Manufacturing plan
    (I am not going to show any of those processes not becasue they are not as important, but becasue I was not envolved*)


    ︎ Observational Studies

    The observational studies were conducted at a mall and at a park, mainly identifying interactions between parents and their children. No pictures were taken since we did not have formal authorization.

    ︎ Survey

    ︎ Competitive Analysis

    ︎ User Needs

    Based on our research to identify customer pain points and associated needs, we identified basic, performance and potential latent needs. Children needs were stated based on the survey answers and personal experience of some members of our group.

    ︎ Interviews

    We have two parents inside the group so we were able to reach out to parents and ask for feedback during the process. Our strategy in the begining is to ask them general questions so they don’t get biased by our questions and later in the process, we were mainly testing and asking for feedbacks about specific features.  




    User feedback is very important for us during the concept development process. We kept asking feedback and iterating quickly. I made several protypes and asked for feedback from parents through out the process. Because many time, people don’t know what they want until they see it. The user feedback also altered our direction.

    ︎ Version 1

    Feedback & Insights: Parents like the app to be light and colorful. They think the emergency help is useful. However, they don’t want to read it because it made them anxious.

    ︎ Version 2

    Feedback & Insights: Parents think all features are helpful but this app made them felt like they could lose their children any time.


    ︎ Version 3

    Feedback & Insights: Parents have this idea of pairing the app up with the watch on children. Because they can show their children and help children understand it as a game between them but not a monitoring behavior. 

    ︎ Version 4

    Feedback & Insights: Parents like this version since it balances the playfulness and function really well. However, they would like the color to be more gender and age neutral.

    From here we are basically set with the content and wireframe, the final design would be a step forward to tighten up the interface.

    ︎ WATCH

    Children will have their GPS & Bluetooth locator in this watch. We want to keep it clean and simple. During interviews, we learnt that parents prefered a real-watch-like locator with the time displaying.

    ︎  Shape Test

    Parents mentioned that it is important that children wear the watch more if they like the look of the it. So I made graphics to ask for feedback. Children liked the round one better because they think that looks like an eye. 

    ︎ Changable Band with Different Colors

    We decided to keep the watch shape round and have the band changable. Children can choose the color they want while purchasing. 



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