Yogatrail Web & App Redesign


Yogatrail is a global yoga network connecting yoga practitioners and professionals. Although there’s a growing yoga community, most things happen in yoga world is offine. This project is a redesign of the yogatrail web and app to to bring yoga lovers closer.


YogaTrail is the world’s yoga network. Yoga teachers and studios use the platform to manage classes, engage students, accept bookings, and attract new clients… For yogis, YogaTrail is their personal yoga world, and keeps them in the loop with local and global yoga events!

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︎ Convey the purpose of this network to both practitioners and instructors
︎ Attract first time user with promoted yoga activities within proximity as well as around the world
︎ Encourage practitioners to explore the site
︎ Facilitate relationship between yoga business owners, instructors and yogis

 User Reserch / User Interface /2018

Tianyi Shi
Qingyi Li  ︎ me


︎ Persona

︎ User Painpoints

Hard to navigate

“It took me so long to finally sort out my personal yoga schedule. There are many different paths that go to the same page.”

Unclear updates

“My teacher did not respond to my message so I got confused of the class change.”
“I wish the updates could be prominent on homepage. All the updates are only accessible via message center. ”

Insufficient connection

“There’s little or no reviews for the class or teacher. I’m not sure if it’s worthy to book any event.”
“I want to see what other yoga students and my friends are doing on this platform. ”



︎ Sketching & Wireframing

︎ User test

We build the wireframe prototype with Adobe XD. Then we asked users to click around and give some feedback. 


︎ Home Page

︎ Message center

︎ Explore World 

︎ Explore Local

︎ Studio

︎ Teacher

︎ Event

︎ App Design

We also Redesigned the app so it is consistant with the Website.

︎ Home

︎ Message 

︎ Local

︎ World